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It is interesting how only one person can so strongly influence your view of life. And how that person probably "saw" it from someone else and maybe you will tell someone new one day. Some time ago I stumbled across this girl who to me is Zero Waste: Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers, which has learned about the life style from Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home. They introduced me to an idea which create a strong desire in me, probably changing my life for good.

So let's explain what Zero Waste is or at least how I understand it.

According to Bulgarian National Statistical Institue in 2013 3 135 000 tons of domestic waste was created in Bulgaria equaling to 434 kg per person. And yet Lauren fits three years of waste in one jar. She lives a lifestyle which produces no rubbish which she calls a Zero Wasett Lyfestyle. Waste is considered anzthing that cannot be recycled or composted and end up in a landfill only producing 'negativity'. Waste is everything that we knowingly throw away and send to landfill. And I want to stop throwing away. I too want to be Zero Waste!

After watching many many videos and reading articles on the subject I realised that being ZW isn't all that difficult. Maybe in the beginning it requires a bit more thought and preparation, but when you get into the routine it turns into a plesure, which according to them even saves money, time and efforts and most of all unneccessary rubbish for the planet. I also realised that being ZW in Sofia actually complicated the process, but if Lauren can do it in New York, I can do it in Sofia!

Therefore I officially announce the beggining of my Zero Waste Journey. I will try and pay attention to every detail of what I do so maybe one day it can be useful to someone as interested in the subject as me.

From my research the beginning of a No Waste Life can be Bea Johnson's mantra, as I call it. It is her system of the 5 R-s which she follows unconditionally and I believe this can be my formulla for success too:

Refuse – anything you don't need!

Reduce – the amount of things you do need!

Reuse – what you already have

Recycle – what you can not refuse, reduse or reuse!

Rot – compost what can be composted!

Stay Vivid,


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