"Thank You" Is Not Enough


At and after the wedding I kept receiving congratulations on organising the day and how I have found my calling doing events. However, it would be impossible for me to have created all of this by myself. My vision for our wedding came completely to life only because of the support of so many people and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who made magic for us (using the opportunity to show off our gorgeous photographs).


First of all, thank you to everyone that celebrated with us on the day. We were so honoured and humbled to have so many people from near and far come together for us. We could not have created this amazing atmosphere without the spirit and dance moves that you all brought with you.

Best Man and Maid of Honour

By Bulgarian tradition, second to the bride and groom are only the maid of honour and the best man. Thank you Slavyani and Pat for being right there next to us. Thank you for leaving your signatures to forever guard our marriage. Thank you for the amazing hen and stag parties. We are (in a way) now legally bonded to be together forever!


Naturally, we thank all four of you for supporting us on this special day in spirit and financially (partially) ;). But most of all thank you to our parents for raising us and allowing us to live a life that lead us to meet each other. There is no chance we would have been here without you and we give you all the credit for it. We love you!


(I feel like because I am writing this I am allowed to thank my mum twice...)

Thank you mum, for basically being our wedding coordinator and design guru. Without you so many aspects of this day would not have gone the way they did. So I can't be anything less than eternally grateful for you putting up with me.


Thank you to our grandparents who were there with us or looking over us. We are blessed to have you as our role models.

Bridal Party

Of course, our team of bridesmaids, ushers and flower girls. Alex, Bella, Svis, Alex, Ed, Kossyo, Dari, Mary, Vyara and Alisa - look how pretty and matching you all are. Thank you for allowing us to make you a living representation of our crazy wedding colours. Thank you for gowing with the flow when plans started to change. Thank you for not asking too many questions when tasks were given to you.

Aleks and Alex

Asking the two of you to write a speech about us was one of the best decisions we made for this wedding. There could not have been anything more special to us during that ceremony than to hear your words of love and support as we make this big step. We love you both!

Kossyo and Villi

What could a girl want more than her brother playing as she walks down the aisle. Thank you Kossyo and Villi for doing this for us and making Nic's mum cry as planned. We know it was fairly last minute but it was still perfect!

Svis, Emmo and Bogi

You three did such an amazing job translating those speaches, especially as I gave you about two days notice. Thank you Svis for translating all the speaches. Thank you Emmo for the remarkable resemblance with Pat. Thank you Bogi, for supporting Nic with his Bulgarian.

The Palace

Choosing Regina Maria's gardens for our ceremony was not a hard decision. We are grateful to her for seing the beauty of our home and for leaving us such a dreamy heritage. We would like to also thank the administration of the Palace for taking us through the process and supporting our decisions. The magic of the Nimfeum will also be there!

Albena Resort & Bar Ganvie

I can't even begin to express our gratitude to Albena and Ganvie. Thank you for allowing us to claim your gorgeous venue as the home of our wedding. Thank you for not turning us away when we requested a vegan menu. Thank you for cooking such an amazingly delicious buffet that made some people consider veganism. Thank you to the amazing staff that looked afer us on the night and made everything seem so smooth and easy. Thank you for making dreams come true.

Kalina Toneva and EOS and Extreme

First of all, thank you to Kalina for the design of our gorgeous flowers. Without your loving efforts our gorgeous stationay wouldn't have looked as amazing as they did.

Thank you to EOS for gifting us our huge picture frame wreath. I believe it might be the focal point of most of our anniversaries from now on.

And thank you to Extreme for printing the gorgeous materials and making everything look as one.

Atelier Sposa Bulgaria

The Dress - I don't even know if I have the words to thank Atelier Sposa. After trying on so many dresses, this is the one that fit right away. Somehow it incorporates my personality but also turns me into a princess. Thank you for understanding me, for being so professional and welcoming, and thank you for the blue ribbon - such an amazing idea that fit so well into our wedding design.

Guliat Ltd.

Thank you to Desislava Natseva for making the skirts custom for my girls and thank you to Slavyana and my aunt for organising the process. It is exactly what I pictured and I hope they (at least the orange ones) will be worn again.

iBex Gold

Thank you Rebecca for creating the bands for us. It is such a pleasure to know we will forever be wearing something that has been made especially for us by a local (in England) jeweler. Nic's choice of an engagement ring was a challenge to work around but now I have the perfect set to never leave my ring.

DIY Decor

I want to thank our whole neighbourhood, family and friends for their hands-on support in creating our DIY decorations. Mum, Grandma, Alisa, Dara, Kossyo, Villi, Victoria and others! It is immeasurably more special to know exactly who worked on the wedding.

Food for Love

Thank you to Victoria who created this vegan wonder for us. Light, fruity and delicious - everything we asked for and (according to what was left over) our guests loved it too. We are amazed of how well she supported our idea that veganism is not at all less interesting than standard diets.


Thank you to Stelli for our gorgeous handmade sign. Such a great recreation of Kalina's flowers and a great attribute to our flower girls.

Vassya's Look

First of all, thank you to Zhulieta who has been reading my mind for the past 8 or so years. When it comes to my hair, she's the person I always trust and yet again she made magic happen.

Thank you to Bella who continued the tradition of doing my make-up for the special events (and to everyone who offered their make up to be used).

And thank you to Vizazh for my bridal manicure - exactly what I had in mind.


A HUGE thank you to Yulena. Not only did they create all the amazing flower arrangements (bouquettes, boutonierres, center pieces, etc.) but also took on the responcibility of our venue dressing. Our crazy wedding colours were perfectly incorporated in every single thing and it just made all the difference in the atmosphere of the evening.

Plamen, Silviya and Emmo

I don't think it was possile for us to dance more on the night and it is all due to the skills of our musicians. A mix between live musicians, DJs and presenters we had all that we needed in Plamen, Silviya and Emmo. Thank you so much for understand how we have fun!

Snezhina Atanasova & Alex

Thank you to our Registrar Snezhina from Balchik Municipality for making the legalities so easy and for her kind and guiding words. Thank you to Alex for translating her words so everyone can be part of the official part of the ceremony.

Dobruzda Professional Folk Ensemble

I would like to thank our local Professional Folk Ensemble Dobrudzha for the outstanding performance (and mum and dad surprising us with them). Folk dancing is a necessity at every Bulgarian celebration and I am thankful we could show this level of tradition to our English guests.

Petar, Angel and Kalin

Another BIG thank you to our videographers (especially Petar) for creating the most pretty, fun and summery video for us. This is something that I will be watching again and again and again... forever!

Epix Studio

And now that you have seen all these gorgeous pictures, I would like to thank Erdjan and Stilyana for them! They did an amazing job capturing our colourful moments that we will always cherish. Not much to say than a big THANK YOU!

English Party

Last but not least we also want to thank everyone involved with our English Party - all of our guests, Jane for the cake, Constance for the salads and Victoria for everything! Not a lot of brides can wear their dress twice and I am glad you gave me the opportunity to enjoy it!


We are grateful for the love you have for us to help us create such a special day!

Lots of Love,

Nic and Vassya

Vivid Key