Emotion + Innovation = Water


From Wikipedia Bulgaria: “Water is a transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms (...) Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface.It is vital for all known forms of life.”

In April 2016 mum, dad and I were in Morrocco for a Master class - a week in Marakech with Tai Chi, spiritual sessions and meditation in the morning, and trips, culture and views in the afternoon. I personally didn’t enjoy the morning sessions for reasons not for this blog. However there is one thing which can’t leave my mind.

The exercise involved groups of ten and the more strangers in your group the better. One at a time we stood in the middle of the circle and “received” one word from those in it. It was supposed to be their first association that came to their mind when looking at you. Unfortunately I don’t remember all the word I “received” but I managed to write down three - Emotion, Innovation and Water.

Water! That word struck me! That person has never had a conversation with or about me and he still said Water!

I don’t know whether it is because I was raised by the sea or because I am born under a water sign (Scorpio) but I am always attracted to water like a moth to a flame. Or maybe it is that exact combination of nature and nurture that allows me to have this feeling which should be strongly human for everyone.

Some facts about Vassya and water:

  • When I am outside, discovering a new place, my heart jumps when I see water - the ocean, a dam or a stream… The sound of the water and the reflection of the sun are kid’s joy to me.

  • I believe taking a shower to be the best remedy for anything, especially if it is psychological. When I feel something is wrong my healing always starts in the shower. Only after water has washed away what it should can I start with other methods. That is also why I take a quick shower before bed - it calms me down, help me sleep better and leaves me feeling cleansed, it also sometimes gives me some unique ideas.

  • My first real post in Vivid Key was about bottled water and my stainless steel bottle - coincidence? I don’t think so!

  • I drink a lot of water! Perhaps 3 litres a day.

  • You know how I am from the Harry Potter generation - I have grown up with magic around me. When I stand on the edge of the sea I can’t help but think it is my thoughts and hands that orchestrate the waves. Although, I also feel mentally calm when watching flames, I strongly believe that water is my elemental friend.

  • I love swimming. This is the only sport that gives me energy rather than takes it away. I could probably do lanes for hours.

  • But that is in a pool. I am actually scared of the sea. The distance from the shore, the dark areas under me and the reflections from the sun actually make me incredibly scared. This only happens in the deep when I feel alone and I can relax in other situations. But the truth is that water is the most powerful element and there is nothing wrong with having some respect for what it is hiding, even if it is my friend.

  • Maybe that is also exactly why our villa is my favourite sport on Earth - 180о of water. Or why I feel the magic on Kaliakra, surrounded by water. And probably why I love meditation in the Rilla lakes or sit around in Bulgarian or Moroccan rivers.

  • In Bulgarian both Вася (Vassya) and вода (water) begin with a “в”.

  • When I came to England my name was often remembered through Wasser - the German word for ‘water’, because Vassya sounds surprisingly similar.

I hope that I am like the water - strong and stubborn but also attracting and supporting life. The only difference is that Water has had hundreds of thousands of years to understand its true self and its purpose in life and I have only had 23 so there’s a lot to catch up on. And although I don’t know where the water may take me (pun intended), there are a few things around me that make me think I can be like Water. For example, this site isn’t just a diary for me. I strongly hope that what I write can be useful for at least one person for them to create a better life. I also hope that with veganism I don’t only support my own life but also lead to a change for the animals and the planet.

I thought that the other two words I remember won’t be relevant to this blog, but as I write this I have realised: maybe Water in combination with Emotion and Innovation can actually be my bases points in life. Discovering new ideas through my personal feelings and hopes in order to support life.

Maybe the formula for Vassya’s successful life is Emotion + Innovation = Water.

Stay Vivid,


Vivid Key