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An Overview - My travel journal thoughts from 2nd May, all together. How many times do I use the word excited???


2nd May 2019

It is happening!

Not only did I receive a grant for my Australian Visa this morning but we have also just bought our plane tickets!

I can’t get my head fully around it. Although we’ve been talking about this for months, one fact never properly sank in - Not a lot of people get to do this. If anything, very few people do. I don’t think I am ever going to understand the privilege and luck in life that I have to allow me to do this.

After all, I am going to the other side of the world after quitting my job and with no plan to make money while abroad, after Nic and I pay half of our wedding. I know that money-wise not a lot of this is down to me and that is why I will be eternally grateful for the people in my life who have brought me to this point.

I can smell it - the salt in the ocean, the breeze in the air, the stuffiness of the van in the heat, the fuel on the airport runway - the freedom to build from scratch, to build from dreams.

I vow this will not be a wasted opportunity. I will put my heart and soul into it, into myself and our relationship.

Tonight I will go to bed happy and I will wake up with real optimism for the wind of change.

4 weeks until I give notice at work.

8 weeks until I leave the job, the flat and the UK.

12 weeks until I am married.

16 weeks until I see a little baby boy.

18 weeks until we step foot in Sydney.



15th May 2019

It is incredibly exciting how one by one adding those experiences* to the wedding website** started to create our journey. Perhaps because I wasn’t the one creating the list (it was Nic), the process of actually adding the items to the website started to build an image in my head of how absolutely crazy cool this trip will be.

One thing that is on my mind is that having these experiences gifted will be a game-changer to how Nic and I usually travel. Usually, we try to save every penny and only do the free activities a destination has to offer. This time, however, we will be able to dig deeper into culture and environment, seeing as we get so many things paid for. I hope this also shifts our mentality a bit that not everything has to be free.

114 days can’t pass soon enough. I am absolutely buzzing!

*For wedding presents we asked our guests to give us money towards specific experiences on our travels.

**Nic and I created a wedding website, where we gave detailed information on our day, especially to those travelling from England. We decided it’s the easiest option for everyone to be informed without our invites being the size of a mini-novel.


3rd June 2019

Now that everyone knows we’re travelling there are more and more opportunities to talk about it super exciting new chapter of our lives. And for the first time this is something new; something unexpected; something that is not happening to everyone else - like going to uni after high school or getting your first job after university. This is something happening for just the two of us and it feels quite good to have it to ourselves

There are about three more weeks until we’re done with work. I have realised it is now time to pick up Vivid Key again and start shouting from the rooftops about EVERYTHING!


11th June 2019

I still haven’t posted the blog* (coming soon) but I am telling more and more people about it and it is getting me so excited!

We have had our landlord leaving visit. Bills are slowly getting cancelled. This time in two weeks I will not have to think about work ever again. Food is getting used up. Some items are being sold.

It is all happening… although I have to think about the wedding first. Kind of wish that it can just plan itself magically.

*I did eventually post that blog - read it here.


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