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The 5 Love Languages

"The 5 Love Languages® has transformed countless relationships. Its ideas are simple and conveyed with clarity and humor, making this book as practical as it is personable. You'll be inspired by real life stories and encouraged by Gary Chapman's commonsense approach."

I listened to the book on Audible (as it was free) and it made SO MUCH SENSE to me! I think absolutely everyone should get their hands on a copy and read it, especially that it's translated in so many languages. I understand now myself, Nic, my mum and anyone that I have a close relationship with. The theory is so obvious that I don't know how not everyone knows it. Read it! If I could, I would make you read it!

Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living

"Lagom is the new Scandi lifestyle trend taking the world by storm. This delightfully illustrated book gives you the lowdown on this transformative approach to life and examines how the lagom ethos has helped boost Sweden to the No.10 ranking in 2017's World Happiness Report.Lagom (pronounced 'lah-gom') has no equivalent in the English language but is loosely translated as 'not too little, not too much, just right'. It is widely believed that the word comes from the Viking term 'laget om', for when a mug of mead was passed around a circle and there was just enough for everyone to get a sip. But while the anecdote may hit the nail on the head, the true etymology of the word points to an old form of the word 'lag', which means 'law'."

Reading this book I felt like I am reading about myself and my adopted lifestyle. Although I grew up in a completely different setting and culture, it feels like I am a Swede at heart. And I am even thinking that one day we could settle down there, although that is far from now.

Unprocessed: My City-Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food

"Hello! I’m a writer living in Austin, Texas, where I work as senior editor at Austin Monthly, the city magazine of Austin. Formerly I was the founding editor of Edible Baja Arizona, a local food magazine serving Tucson and the borderlands.I’m the author of Unprocessed: My City-Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food (William Morrow 2015) a memoir of my year-long journey of eating only whole, unprocessed foods, intertwined with a journalistic exploration of what “unprocessed” really means, why it matters, and how to afford it. Unprocessed was named a Southwest Book of the Year in 2015."

I read Unprocessed before I was vegan, before I knew anything about whole food nutrition or any nutrition in general. I only knew all the urban myths, grandma comments and random facebook articles. Even as a passionate cook, I still didn't regard the processed aspect of our meal too much. This book is also based on American statistics but I am sure the information is applicable to anywhere in the world. I enjoyed reading it and learning about things and it was the first bug planted in me to move towards a whole foods diet which is now even stronger with veganism.


Yoga with Adriene

"WELCOME to the YWA channel! Welcome all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls! Find a practice that suits your mood or start a journey toward healing. Work up a sweat, or calm and relieve a tired mind and body. Create space. Tone and trim. Cultivate self love. Make time for you. Go deeper, have fun. Connect. Fall off the horse and then get back on. Reconnect. Do your best, be authentic and FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD. I got your back and this community rocks. Jump on in! You don't even have to leave your house."

Although I feel connection to many people online Adriene is my absolute love. Being a yoga instructor is so much more than just stretching and Adriene can truly radiate that feeling. She makes me feel so confident on the matt that I have dedicate 2018 on her with my one and only New Year's resolution of 260 days of yoga, all of which led by Adriene. Maybe Yoga isn't an exercise routine but a way of living and maybe I can get to the core of that soon.

Ellen Fisher

"Hallelujah for high vibrational and life-giving plant foods! Going vegan over 10 years ago has helped heal my ailments which used to hold me back in life, including acne, poor digestion and an eating disorder of anorexia. I’ve had two amazing vegan pregnancies with lots of raw foods and together my husband and I raise our healthy children on a vegan lifestyle. I say lifestyle because it is more than just a diet. We are vegan not only for our health, but also for the animals and the planet! It is all encompassing: promoting LOVE, loving all beings, and seeing the good in all people and animals. Which is why I am so passionate about sharing healthy vegan recipes found in my recipe ebooks!"

I am so inlove with the Fisher's. I want to be them one day with maybe a little bit more cooked meals. The familly is absolutely inspirational using veganism not just for their health but also to raise loving and passionate children. Her lifestyle videos are also gorgeous and absolitely addictive. As a happy Hawaiian family they are quite minimalist with their posession but are still fabulous. She inspires me to have a happy family one day.

The Financial Diet

"The Financial Diet talks about personal finance in a way that doesn't make you want to curl up in a ball and cry. Everything you wanted to know about money + living better, even for the total beginner."

Maybe in school they don't teach us about finances, but the Financial Diet team are here to help and to make it seem so easy and straight forward. I have learned about concepts like Emergency Fund which (when I have money coming in) will be a life saver. But I like that they don't just stick to things like budgeting and paying off debts but actually look further into life and connect every small choice to a bigger financial picture and therefore it's very educational about life in full.

Muchelle B

"Hey, I'm MuchelleB. I'm into self-discovery, minimalism, learning new things, nice people and salted caramel anything. This channel is for anyone that's on a self growth journey to live a more intentional life. Every week you'll see videos about: ⛅ Designing a simplified, productive space ⛅ Living your life intentionally ⛅ Setting goals and building habits that help you live life better ⛅ How to become a more productive human ⛅ How to live a good, happy, fulfilling life I'm on this journey with you and I appreciate every single one of you."

These are absolutely relaxing and beautiful videos and I love how short and to the point they are. Muchelle B does so many clips on subjects like inspiration, motivation, procrastination, creativity, self love and wathever else you can do for yourself to make your life better and fuller. I am just so happy when I watch them and they inspire me to think inwards and reflect on my being.

Sarah Lemkus

"Hi, and welcome to my channel! I'm Sarah! I'm a young mum who lives in New Zealand. On my channel, you will see videos about compassionate living, me and my families vegan lifestyle, travel, recipes, vlogs, tips and tricks and hopefully more!"

Sarah, like Ellen, is an inpiration for an amazing family. She has great videos about intentional living and minimalism that just inspire me to do better. I just want to be part of their family.

Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch is a channel that follows veterinarians in Texas. Their work is focused on abandonded pets and all medical expenses are covered through donations.

This is simply sick cats and dogs and charming vets. However watching their videos shows me how much animals go through because of humans and how a little TLC can turn their life around. And has me even more convinced that pets should ALWAYS be adopted and not bought from a mill. They teach understanding, hellping those in need and living not just for yourself. Check them out, they are so cute!

Vivid Key

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