Piglet and I


“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together keep me in your heart,

I will stay there forever.” – Piglet

As a minimalist, I often go through my sentimental treasures looking for something that isn’t as valuable to me. I don’t believe that our memories are in our belongings. The cinema tickets aren’t the cinema experience; the old notes written in math class aren’t my affection to my friends; the stuffed rabbits aren’t memories of a good birthday.

Yes, I do still have many pictures saved on the computer, external hard drives and other random digital devices and social media. I know that pictures also carry that negative longing for the past, but they always make me smile and they are digital, so don’t really take up the physical space around me.

However, within my 23 years of memories, there is one thing that I will never give up willingly. That is my Piglet, my most loyal and calm friend.

I don’t remember how old I was going to be – maybe 6, maybe 7. Kaka Svetla, now the mother of my two adorable goddaughters, took me shopping to choose my own present. It was a few days before my party so I had to be ‘surprised’ on the day when she was to give it to me. I don’t recall why exactly I chose Piglet, but I remember the moment when I left the shop, cuddling my new big pink piglet.

After that, he became a constant part of my life. He slept in my arms, shared my happiness and tears, as only he listened till the end to my kid emotions. He travelled on trains, buses and plains, visited museums and camped around Europe. He even endured many bite wounds from a baby dalmatian and was therefore operated on many a time.

There are multiple theories that could explain my connection to Piglet; for example, a while ago I read an article that talked about a book about children’s upbringing from a minimalist point of view (maybe I should find it). The only thing I remember was a list of toys that hinder kid’s development and merchandise of films is the only type of toy I recall from that list. According to the author, that type of toy hinders kid’s imagination and slows down their creative thinking.

Even if that is so (which actually sounds quite logical to me), my Piglet was never the Winnie the Pooh Piglet. Yes, he looked the same and was named Piglet (Prascho in Bulgarian), but for me, the two things didn’t overlap. Maybe he looks more like a bunny rabbit than a piglet. Maybe because I was never that into A. A. Milne’s novel. Maybe in that exact situation, I developed a much stronger understanding of love and loyalty, even if that was towards a character from a book and a film.

Additionally, some extreme minimalists would ask: “Are you truly a minimalist, if you want to keep Piglet? Won’t that ruin all the effort to not be emotionally attached to things?” The truth is that I am a human, after all, who has gone through 23 years of life and I don’t think there is anything shameful in wanting to keep my best imaginary friend.

And who exactly makes the rules for minimalism? After all, isn’t that an inner feeling, not just a number of items. I am a minimalist because I have Piglet and I can now truly see his value. Now, that I don’t have countless stuffed toys, I know that Piglet is more important to me than any other pig or bunny.

Today Piglet is still with me. He doesn’t live on the bed anymore but has his own home in the bedroom and is always close to me. Maybe he doesn’t travel as much and doesn’t hear as many of my secret secrets, but I am sure that he is patiently waiting for the time when he will again be the centre of a child’s world.

Who is your best imaginary friend?

Stay Vivid,


Vivid Key

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