Happy New Year and Namaste!


First of July! To me, The July (as we call it in Bulgaria) is a much more energetic and spiritual event than the first of January. First of July is the first day of the second half of the year. Another New Year (even if it is only half). The summer allows us to be much more spiritual than the winter. We don’t count, don’t lean on the human perception of time and we completely surrender to nature. We don’t look at our TVs but far on the horizon. We don’t congratulate each other but ourselves. We don’t listen to the President but to the early birds and the sea waves. We don’t dance on cheesy songs but sing along with John Lawton. We don’t freeze in short dresses on the snowy streets but take a dip in the warm summer sea. And yes, I know that it happens rarely as I have the unique opportunity to experience it, even when I don’t wake up early to see the first waves touched by the July sun. Half a year has gone by with the opportunity for a rebirth; for a life-check before it’s too late, before another year can roll by and leave us confused and unhappy. For me first of July is a day to think, a day to wake up. 6 months ago I set some expectations for the year – do I still work on them or have I forgotten? Is there the change in me that I was looking for? How can I do better in the next 6 months? Now let’s be more concrete: on 1st January 2018 I gave myself only one resolution, knowing myself and how well I stick to rules and routines. I thought it’s important to be honest with myself that more than one thing on my list would ruin everything. One for me was enough. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know exactly what my New Year’s Resolution was – 250 days of Yoga (or 5 days a week). Again, I had to be true to myself knowing that 365 days was an impossible goal and that the first missed day would make me give up on the whole undertaking.

6 months later I am so happy I made that decision. On the 29th June, I did my 130th day of Yoga. I’m not saying I’m following the routine correctly as it’s just not true. If you’ve read my monthly updates on Instagram you would have seen that I’m usually 2-3 days behind each month. I did my best not to do that this month so I don’t have to start the second half with something left over. I still have only one outfit, I do my Yoga at home with ‘Yoga with Adriene’s’ help, but I now have a Yoga mat and my physical poses are advancing (maybe some muscles too). Adriene’s videos are unique – as it should be, she doesn’t just lead a stretching session but teaches you to listen to yourself, to follow your inner feelings, to forget the outer and that what’s inside is enough. The need to love who you are and not to break yourself ( literally and figuratively) trying to be somebody else. This is a mind exercise through our physical body and I am starting to truly understand that. The power of our breath, the need of our will, the inner look, the freedom of our body’s channels, the balancing of the physical and the spiritual, the recognition of the good in us and the good in others, that we are one – “Namaste”. Maybe this last thing is the beginning of my spiritual learning through Yoga and through Adriene. “Namaste” from Sanskrit means “I bow to you!” (namah “bow, worship” and te “to you”). Some think of “Namaste” in a wider sense like “The divine in me, bows to the divine in you”, “Your soul and my soul are one”, “I worship the spirit in you which is also in me”. Maybe this is why I think that we can recognise the others in ourselves through “Namaste”! As with any other philosophy or spiritual event, this too will take time to become a real part of me and not just a daily stretch. But I believe I’m on the right path. I don’t know where I am on that path, don’t know if the Yoga path even has certain stops or a destination but I know I can feel it even if I can’t understand or describe it. I don’t know if I could have chosen a better resolution for myself 6 months ago and I am thankful to myself for allowing me on this journey. I am myself in Yoga – on the mat there are no everyday tasks, no worries, no pressure. It’s just me, my spirit and Adriene’s voice! To make sure my other half of the year is just as beneficial and successful I want to change my resolution a bit. The focus will still stay entirely on Yoga but with one additional challenge. My knowledge of Yoga come only from Adriene, and although I believe Yoga is felt, not learned, I think I need some information which can help me discover some more secrets. Maybe some book-learning that can help me turn this valuable exercise in something life-defining. If only the meaning of the word “Namaste” can put this many thoughts in my mind, imagine what can the description, history and meaning of Yoga do. If you have any suggestions for good Yoga resources send them my way, please!

Happy New Year and Namaste! Stay Vivid, Vassya

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