"Ode" to the Fly


Oh you, like a beast from hell emerging,

or a nightmare from a dream disturbing.

Like a song annoying, never-ending

or a bad and anxious feeling pending.

As if you know I hate you deep

and here you’ve come again to creep.

To my own peace there’s much resistance

and no clear sign for lasting distance.

A horse I’m not, there’s no debate

and a cow I hardly imitate.

And yet you stick and irritate…

I wish from you to emigrate.

A stupid fly you are, be damned!

Coming from Australian hot land.

Poor me, how loud I’m crying

every time I hear you flying.

Once again in my nose you shelter.

and in my eyes you try to enter.

I cannot get you out my head.

Don’t take your time and just drop dead!

Never would you our plans change,

our travels we will still arrange.

This ode you’ll never understand

so I just want to see your end!

Stay Vivid,

Vassya (and Nic)

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© 2020 от Василена Коларова


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