I am not a good writer, but I have something to say...


I never thought I would be the kind of person that writes a blog.

BUT... Last night, walking home from work and thinking about everything I would like to do, I realised that obviously now is the time to joing this society and share my journey through Life.

I am Vassya. Nice to meet you!

I study Events Management in England.

I am going to do a year's work placement in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I love cooking... and eating. :D

I love traveling. (Not the actual traveling part though.... I hope teleportation will become a thing soon.)

Ever since I was little I have loved music in all its shapes - playing the piano, singing, dancing...

Sport it really not my thing, But hiking, skiing and swimming I am quite good at, actually.

Oh, and I am very good at moping aroung and procrastinating too... whether with a book or a film (I have watched so many series in my short lifetime!... Not even funny). Maybe some drawing or even just browsing the tInternet.

I confess that I have no idea what this blog will be about exactly. However I have so many ideas in my head, that somehow I want to systemise and share them. So you can espect anything from cake or apple ommellet recipes, through adventure plans and sawing attempts, to the most important topic for me at the moment - Zero Waste and my future worm farm.

If somehow what I write is interesting to you, you can reach me however you like: email, Pinterest, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, LinkedIn and I even have a phone ;).

Stay Vivid,




1. Perceived as bright and distinct; brilliant

a. Having intensely bright colors

3. Presented in clear and striking manner.

4. Perceived or felt with the freshness of immediate experience

5. Active in forming lifelike images

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