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For a few months we have been keeping a secret. Quite a few people have always known about it but it was a secret for many others. Not being able to share this huge, inspiring and life-changing news with the people around me was one of the hardest emotions I had to live with in these months. And the opportunity to finally be able to share everything makes me even happier than the news itself!

Before I explain more details and exactly what will be happening, read my letter for my Australian Tourist Visa application (after they refused it the first time around).

„Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay on why coming to Australia is so important to me.

My travel to Australia is marked by possibly the biggest event in my 24 year life – my wedding. I am getting married on the 27th July 2019 to the best person in my life, my best friend and the love of my life, therefore making our long-term van-life Australian road trip - our honeymoon. We didn’t even think for a second to decide on our honeymoon destination – we’ve been longing for Australia for years. The beaches, the mountains, the animals, the food and the culture – we want to experience it all!

We want it so bad that we chose the experiences on our honeymoon (the experiences in Australia) to be our wedding gifts from our friends and family as opposed to materialistic ones and we can’t wait to live every moment of it – snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, cuddling Koala Bears, seeing the sun over Uluru, learning to surf the waves of Perth, experiencing the marvel of the 12 Apostles, roaming the halls of Sydney Opera House, and discovering so much more that we never imagined we could.

There are also a few more events that will make this trip extra special:

· My birthday

· My Godmother’s daughter’s birthday

· My Godmother’s birthday

· Our 6th anniversary since starting our relationship

· Christmas and New Year’s Eve

· My future husband’s birthday

And we hope to celebrate as many of them as possible with my Godmother’s family in Perth.

This will most likely be the best 4 months of my life. There is one more reason for us to be undertaking this trip, and it is also definitely the reason why we have waited for our time to come to Australia. We want to forget for a long while about 9-5 jobs, corporate daily tasks, sitting at computers and not spending enough time in nature. We want to be nomads while we are young enough to not have big world responsibilities. We want to develop as people, not just employees; and what better place to do that than the backpacker’s heaven – Australia.

Perhaps we also want to create completely different lives upon returning to Europe. Such that are inspired by the freedom that we seek, but also grounded down to our roots and the ways we’ve been raised. And as we have been living those for 24 years, we need time to explore the freedom that only a place like Australia can give. I have read, listened and seen so much about Australia that there was a certain level of jealousy building up seeing every relative, friend and social media influencer live there best life out there.

However, we know that this long-term traveler life is not for either of us; we just won’t manage more than 4-5 months. So, our plan is short and simple. Land in Sydney, spending 2-3 weeks settling, sightseeing, planning and shopping for our road trip; after that we will head North stopping to see all brilliant elements that create Australia, travelling the North coast to eventually reach Perth where we hope to celebrate holidays and visit family and friends. Afterwards we hope to travel through the South coast back to Sydney, visiting even more friends on the way. Shortly after New Year’s Eve we plan to leave for South East Asia where we can broaden our horizon even further before returning to Europe and settling down for our grown-up adult lives, staying close to our families in Bulgaria and England. After all, we were both brought up in close knit families and can’t imagine creating our life far from them.

I can’t wait to allow Australia to change our lives and I hope you can see that.

Yours Faithfully,

Vasilena Kolarova”

Do you have 20 thousand questions in your head? Let me give you loads of dates to make your head spin:

On the 28th May I gave my Notice of Resignation to leave on the 25th June.

On the 29th June I fly to Bulgaria where I will work hard on finishing the preparations for the wedding.

On the 27th July Nic and I are getting married. After that we’re hiking in Bulgaria. Afterwards we return to the UK for our second wedding party on the 17th August. On the 22nd August we fly off to Cologne where we will spend 2 weeks to meet my newborn godson and his mama. And on the 22nd August we fly to Sydney! From there we will buy a van and travel Australia for 4-5 months while living in it. After New Year’s we will be heading over to Bali, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and finallyBulgaria. After that… who knows what?!?

Another 20 thousand questions?

The idea is to face new experiences that allow us to eventually create a life in the middle of the two extremes; such that is not devoted to someone else's ideologies and life goals or is uncertain long term, e.g. sustainable (oh what a surprise!). As we honestly do not know what a life like that looks like and where to look for it in Europe, we hope to find it somewhere between Australia and South East Asia.

One of the things we are expecting is to return to Europe and settle in a place different from the British Isles, but naturally don’t know where. Therefore, we plan to donate 70-80% of our belongings and keep only the most important and easily transportable ones. But that is a subject for a different blog post.

I intend to seriously grow this blog while traveling (and my writing skills). I will try to regularly write a travel diary which is hopefully also useful as information for our families back home who can keep a track of us but I also expect to spend a lot of time of self-education; so I expect a lot of new topics to appear on this page. (For now I expect to be able to post twice a week - a travel diary and blog on other topics. Can I actually do that?)

This will be one of the biggest adventures in my life and I hope it truly changes us for the better… as there will be changes undoubtedly. I intend to leave with specific goals and come back with three times more!

Stay Vivid,


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