No post today


This week I have no blog post prepared. Maybe next week I won’t have one either.

After a year of searching and being confused, I finally got a normal job. When I say normal I mean 9 till 5, on a desk, in front of a computer, on the phone. It is actually 8 till 5 with an hour’s commute there and back and on top of that Nic drives me and picks me up. It’s not the best situation but it is what it is. Why do I not have a blog post today?

As you can see, I spend about 10 hours out of home, waking up about half an hour before leaving and when I get home all I want to do is cook, eat and do nothing.

Therefore today I do not have a blog post; because I am getting used to my new situation, my new expectations. There is, after all, a lot I want to do for myself – write my blog, do yoga, organise my wedding (yay!), read, learn, catch up with YouTube and series and so much more. But as of yet I cannot prioritise my time the way I want to.

I promise (mostly to myself) I will do everything I can to change my day-to-day. I will try to get up early, not work an hour more, not waste my time in the car… I apologise if this takes longer than I wish. But I will do the best I can.

Stay Vivid,


Vivid Key