This e-book is a handbook for couples who want to create something different and at the same time, informal for their special day. The information is entirely based on our wedding – the things that worked; those that annoyed us and the ones we learned from. The decisions would not be applicable to everybody who is reading it but I hope that anyone could find inspiration to plan something personal and truly different.

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Who we are?

We are Vassya and Nic. I am Bulgarian, he is English. We met in the autumn of 2013 in Sheffield, where we lived in the same university halls and we’ve been together ever since. Profession-wise we are an event manager and a software engineer. In our souls, we are a writer-photographer and woodworker-computer builder – travellers together. We are always ready to break through the norms and live something different even if sometimes we look boring and weird from the outside.

We trust one another unconditionally and rely on each others’ opinions. We make our decisions together and build everything with our thoughts on our joint future.


Why am I writing this book?

I quickly discovered that our wedding was going to be different. It was clear we did not fit into the online tutorials for wedding planning. The monthly schedules were always wrong. The article “The biggest mistake for a bride is to have bright colours in the wedding” sounded silly to me. I got chills from the idea of the overused jokes and speeches a wedding presenter would be using. And the potential option of NOT dancing all night long was simply not acceptable.


I felt I knew exactly what I wanted but because of the lack of similar, non-traditional examples online it took me a long time and many tears until I could understand how to do things my own way. That is why I am writing this text – to tell the story of our journey, the troubles we faced, the conversations we had and the details we created. In this way, I might be able to help somebody else to find it easier to reach their own decisions and to succeed in explaining to others the ideas that float in their mind and dreams.


Who am I writing this book for?

For couples who don’t fit the stereotypes of Pinterest or standard wedding agencies.

For couples who carry creativity within themselves and can take charge.

For couples who have no idea what the wedding process is like.

For couples who look for a way to express their character and values through this day.

For couples who are looking for a bit more detailed instruction on how to create something not just special but special and their own.

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